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We will ship Internationally via USPS Priority.  The destination country's customs is reached within an estimated 6-10 Days.

The time through the destination country's customs and Post for delivery is determined by this jurisdiction.  We can not guarantee delivery times.  Average is 10-14 days, but no guarantees.

If there is any urgency for your order, please consider other possible options.  We do not ship internationally with any select services or third party.  

Lost packages are possible and an investigation will be started with USPS at the notification of possible lost package.  Due to the different jurisdictions involved, investigations can take 30-45 Days.  If there is no trace or delivery of the package at the close of investigation we will refund the order.  We have no insurance on the lost package until the close of the investigation.

 Alternator Parts Delivery

Below you will see a complete exchange with an Ebay customer.  In our many years of selling parts, we understand that if you purchase a part and it doesn't fix your problem after installing, that the inclination is to think the new part is defective. 

This is many times far from the case in rebuilding starters and alternators because of so many factors involved.  There have been a number of times it is something completely different.  

We offer the highest quality parts for our industry.  Problems are not expected.  We had a rebuilding line for 10 years without issue with our chosen parts.  These are the same quality parts from quality suppliers that have the highest quality control procedures.  

Below is this demonstration of the unnecessary time and cost to thinking that there are problems with your order, but turns up something else.  For our customers within domestic shipping, we have been able to apply benefit of the doubt covering this high cost to us.  For international orders all parts must be reordered if thinking a replacement is needed.  Shipping for returns will be the customers responsibility and original shipping charges can not be refunded.  We can not re-ship on the possibility that it is (when most likely isn't) defective.  

We must keep our cost affordable for everyone.  


I purchased item 273346405225 in December of 2018. This appeared to be a kit that included parts of reasonable quality. I installed the kit in my alternator on 12/19/2018. Today 5/06/2019 the regulator failed and stranded me with a dead battery. The regulator is putting out 10.7 volts and will not charge the battery. Do you stand behind the product? Will you replace a regulator that failed after only four months? I have a high quality, 5 year, Interstate battery that is only 3 years old and it tests fine. The belt is new and adjusted to OEM specs. The battery terminals are clean and have only minor corrosion on them

Hi. Sorry for the trouble. It is not expected. I will send a new regulator.

When Regulator fails the battery light will come on indicating a charging issue. Continued driving will discharge the battery not being good for overall battery life and condition. If you tested the system showing a reading of 10.7 Volts then the testing is not done with a fully charged battery and not going to be an accurate charge system test.

Even without an alternator installed on a vehicle running voltage will be 12 until battery is drained. An alternator will not show a reading of 10.7V that reading is only whatever battery state is. Battery condition will effect charge rate. Bad or discharged battery will not accurately show what cause the voltage or charge issue.

I am sure everything is checked and not being argumentative, just providing information. If there was any other battery drain condition and you went to check the charging system with the drained battery (11.8V is 0% state-of-charge), then even if the alternator was fully capable, it's reading would be very low being buffered down by the extreme load of the battery in its condition.

The battery testing was done by a trained professional working for AAA using two battery test units made by Interstate Batteries. I can post you a copy of the computer print out if that would help. The printout does agree with your analysis regarding the discharged state of the battery. No load the regulator produced 12.37 V and loaded it produced only 9.14 V.

Thank you for your attention to this.
God bless.

Great. Again, not being argumentative. I am sending the regulator. Anything is possible. I also am trained, have master certified technicians and Industry experts within a large association backing up the information I provided. If the battery was in a discharged state (doesn't mean it is bad) it can not give an accurate charging system check. No matter what.

You must start with a good, fully charged battery to perform a good accurate test. I have told countless trained technicians this same thing after asking how to get the new alternator to charge after they installed. Unfortunately official looking certificate pieces of paper sometimes do not mean much. Ask any good technician and they will agree with that last part. They also agree there is always more to learn no matter how many pieces of official paper they have garnered.

I am glad in your confidence in the mechanics/ technicians you have. If you are part of the industry or similar experience you know that for every 190 mechanics with 50+ year experience and all training there is, only 1 or 2 are fully real at their profession.

Please let me know when the regulator ships. Perhaps you could give me the tracking number. The vehicle is inoperable and this is a great inconvenience.
Thank you.
God bless.

Hi. The USPS shipping is .................... The techs also suggested that if the replacement regulator does not repair the alternator then a bad rotor can also mimic a failed regulator. Hopefully you are up and running with this and without any more problems. Thank You

What address was used? USPS indicates that the package was delivered to a person having a 40207 zip code without any further detail. My zip is 40206 and I have been home all day anxious for this package.

I am attaching a copy of the label that I used. I had 40206. I will go to my post office tomorrow and ask them about it. You should also go to your post and ask. They use GPS when they scan them in for the delivery scan, so it should show exactly where they left it.

I checked with USPS, filling out one of their inquiries. I received a call about an hour ago that the package was given to someone at the seminary post office. When it stops raining I will go get it. The image of the shipping label explains part of the the problem. You shipped to our billing address and not our residence. The other part of the problem was that USPS was creative in their effort to deliver. Who knows how they settled on 40207? It looks like it will all work out.
Thank you for your efforts and your patience.
God bless.

OK. Sorry. I used the address on the original 'Order Details Page' and should of double checked with you

FYI: upon close inspection (from previous comments) one diode open, one diode short, one stator field wire burned off at connection to diode block. No way to test old regulator, will not be using new regulator. Some signs of carbon deposits on rotor under brushes. Ordered new alternator.

Thanks for the update. This is hard to know until out and checked or even replaced and checked. Benefit of all doubt goes to you because truly anything is possible and too many unknowns until a certain point. Sorry that it seemed like our part which caused further delay in your repair. Hopefully the new week goes much better. Diode failure is usually caused by alternator working at high capacity from loads. The battery would be something I would double check if at a full charge. Maybe even checked by interstate, if you have one near. Or Napa. The check of it in a discharged state will not be accurate. If it is only diode failure and AC feedback has been happening for a while it has no doubt weakened the battery to not be capable of holding 100% state of charge. This will case the new alternator to also be working at very high capacity. Good luck!

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