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Pigtail Lead Connector Acura Honda 4 Terminal / Wire: C FR IG L Alternator Pigtail Harness Repair

Pigtail Lead Connector Acura Honda 4 Terminal / Wire: C FR IG L Alternator Pigtail Harness Repair

  • $14.99

Alternator Harness Repair Connector / Replacement Plug / 'Pigtail'

C-FR-IG-L, Lead, Repair on Denso / Mitsubishi Alternators
5.906in / 150mm
Number of Wires: 4


Acura Car
CL V6 3.0L 1997-1999
CL V6 3.2L 2001-2003
CSX L4 2.0L 2006-2008
EL L4 1.7L 2001-2005
Integra L4 1.8L B18C1 B18B1 B18C5 1996-2001
RSX L4 2.0L 2002-2006
TL V6 3.2L 1999-2003
TL L5 2.5L 1997-1998
TSX L4 2.4L 2004-2008
Honda Car
Accord L4 2.3L 1998-2002
Accord L4 2.4L 2003-2007
Accord V6 3.0L 1998-2003, 2007
Civic L4 1.6L 1996-2000
Civic L4 1.7L 2001-2005
Civic L4 2.0L 2002-2010
Civic del Sol L4 1.6L D16Y7; D16Y8 1996-1997
Fit L4 1.5L 2009-2014
Prelude L4 2.2L 1997-2001
S2000 L4 2.0L 2000-2003
S2000 L4 2.2L 2004-2009
Honda Truck
CR-V L4 2.0L 1997-2001
CR-V L4 2.4L 2002-2009
Element L4 2.4L 2003-2009
Honda Van
Odyssey L4 2.3L 1998
Odyssey V6 3.5L 1999-2001
Isuzu Van
Oasis L4 2.3L 1998-1999
Suzuki Car
SX4 L4 2.0L 2007-2009
Suzuki Truck
Grand Vitara V6 2.7L 2006-2008

Acura 06311-P8C-505RM, 06311-P8E-A21RM, 06311-PAA-505RM, 06311-PAA-506RM, 06311-PGE-505RM, 06311-PGE-506RM, 31100-P1R-A02, 31100-P1R-A02RM, 31100-P72-013, 31100-P72-013RM, 31100-P73-A01, 31100-P73-A01RM, 31100-P75-A01, 31100-P75-A01RM, 31100-P8A-A01, 31100-P8A-A02, 31100-P8E-A01, 31100-P8E-A01RM, 31100-P8E-A02, 31100-P8E-A21, 31100-P8E-A21RM, 31100-P8E-A22, 31100-P8E-A22RM, 31100-PAA-A01, 31100-PAA-A01RM, 31100-PFW-J01, 31100-PFW-J02, 31100-PFW-J02RM, 31100-PLM-C01, 31100-PLM-C02, 31100-PNC-004, 31100-PND-004, 31100-PND-004RM, 31100-PRB-003, 31100-PRB-003RM, 31100-PRB-013, 31100-RAA-A01, 31100-RAA-A03, 31100-RAA-A03RM, 31100-RAA-A04, 31100-RAA-A05, 31100-RJJ-004, 31100-RTA-003, 31100-RTA-013, 31100-RTA-023, AFGA51, AHGA33, AHGA55, AHGA61, AHGA65, CJG69, CJU31, CJU33, CJU86, CJV33, CJX68, CLG68, CLG69, CLH08, CLH09, CSC29, CSD73
BMW 12-31-7-790-879
GM 88861823
Honda N22A2, 06311-P2T-003, 06311-P2T-003RM, 06311-P3F-J51RM, 06311-P5M-003RM, 06311-P8C-505RM, 06311-P8E-A21RM, 06311-P8F-A01RM, 06311-P8F-A02RM, 06311-PAA-505RM, 06311-PAA-506RM, 06311-PEJ-505RM, 06311-PGE-506RM, 06311-PLM-505RM, 31100-P2C-003, 31100-P2C-0030, 31100-P2E-A01, 31100-P2E-A01RM, 31100-P2E-A02, 31100-P2E-A02RM, 31100-P2T-003, 31100-P2T-0030, 31100-P2T-003RM, 31100-P3F-013, 31100-P3F-013RM, 31100-P3F-A01, 31100-P3F-A011, 31100-P3F-A01RM, 31100-P3F-J01, 31100-P3F-J01RM, 31100-P3F-J51, 31100-P3F-J51RM, 31100-P5M-003, 31100-P5M-0030, 31100-P5M-013, 31100-P5M-013RM, 31100-P5M-G02, 31100-P72-013, 31100-P72-0130, 31100-P72-013RM, 31100-P73-A0101, 31100-P8A-A01, 31100-P8A-A02, 31100-P8C-A02, 31100-P8C-A02RM, 31100-P8E-A020, 31100-P8E-A21, 31100-P8E-A21RM, 31100-P8E-A22, 31100-P8E-A22RM, 31100-P8F-A01, 31100-P8F-A01RM, 31100-P8F-A02, 31100-P8F-A020, 31100-P8F-A02RM, 31100-PAA-A01, 31100-PAA-A010M, 31100-PAA-A01RM, 31100-PAA-L71, 31100-PAA-L710, 31100-PAA-L71RM, 31100-PCA-00302, 31100-PCB-A0130, 31100-PCX-J01, 31100-PCX-J012, 31100-PCX-J01RM, 31100-PCX-J02, 31100-PEA-A01, 31100-PEA-A01RM, 31100-PEJ-004, 31100-PEJ-004RM, 31100-PLM-A01, 31100-PLM-A02, 31100-PLM-A02RM, 31100-PNC-004, 31100-PND-004, 31100-PND-004RM, 31100-PRA-003, 31100-PSA-0130, 31100-PWA-004, 31100-PZX-003, 31100-RAA-A01, 31100-RAA-A03, 31100-RAA-A03RM, 31100-RAA-A04, 31100-RAA-A05, 31100-RB0-004, 31100-RB0-0041, 31100-RB0-004RM, 31100-RB0-041, 31100-RB0A-0243, 31100-RBD-E02, 31100-RCA-A01, 31100-RCA-A01RM, 31100-RCB-Y01, 31100-RLO-G61, 31100-RTA-003, 31100-RTA-013, 31100-RTA-023, 31100PWKQ01, 31100RSRE01, AHGA24, AHGA25, AHGA35, AHGA44, AHGA50, AHGA53, AHGA55, AHGA56, AHGA61, AHGA64, AHGA77, CJU23, CJU25, CJU31, CJU74, CJU75, CJU76, CJU77, CJU81, CJU97, CJV01, CJV02, CJV04, CJV07, CJV15, CJV26, CJV27, CJV71, CJV72, CJV77, CJX24, CJX67, CJY02, CJY24, CLG46, CLG68, CSC29, CSC50, CSC91, CSC914E, CSD73, CSD86, CSG66
Isuzu 5862061630
Suzuki 31400-65J20, 31400-80J10
Toyota 27060-33050, 27060-33051, 27060-51010

Other: 11030, 11224, 11253, 11410, 13103, 13649, 13674, 13677, 13722, 13737, 13743, 13762, 13767, 13767, 13769, 13776, 13835, 13836, 13893, 13894, 13965, 13966, 13966, 13977, 13980, 20616, 20630, 23122, 23282, 23284, 23354, 23544, 23941, 23971, 8220, 8296


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