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Alternator Connector Pigtail for 2G / 3G / 4G Ford Alternators - 500-14007

Alternator Connector Pigtail for 2G / 3G / 4G Ford Alternators - 500-14007

  • $8.50

Repair Lead Specs

Pigtail 3 Wire Lead 'A' 'S' "I" Terminal Ford 2G 3G and 4G Series Alternators

Unit #s

Ford 1L3T-10300-AB, 1L5U-10300-BA, 1L5U-10300-BB, 1L5Z-10346-BA, 1L5Z-10346-BARM, 1L5Z-10346-DA, 1U2U-10346-AA, 1U2Z-10346-AA, 1U2Z-10346-AARM, 2C2U-10300-BB, 2C2U-10300-BB, 2L3U-10300-BB, 2L3U-10300-BB, 2L3Z-10346-AARM, 4L2T-10300-DB, 4L2T-10300-DD, 4L2Z-10346-DA, 5C2T-10300-BC, 5C2T-10300-BC, 5C2Z-10346-AA, 5C2Z-10346-AA, 5C2Z-10346-BA, 5C2Z-10346-BA, 6C2T-10300-BA, 6C2T-10300-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BARM, 6C2Z-10346-BARM, 6C2Z-10V346-BBRM1, 6C2Z-10V346-BBRM1, 6C35-10300-AA, 6C3T-10300-AA, 6C3Z-10346-A, 6C3Z-10346-AA, 6C3Z-10346-AARM1, 6C3Z-10V346-ABRM1, 6L2Z-10346-BARM1, 6L2Z-10346-BARM1, 6L5T-10300-BA, 6L5Z-10346-BA, 6L5Z-10V346-BBRM1, DU2Z-10V346-BBRM1, DU2Z-10V346-BBRM1, DU2Z10V346BBRM1, DU2Z10V346BBRM2, E43F-10300-EA, E43F-10300-EA, E43F-10300-EA, E43F-10300-PA, E43F-10300-PA, E43F-10300-PA, E43F-10300-RA, E43F-10300-RA, E43F-10300-RA, E43F-10346-BA, E43F-10346-BA, E43F-10346-BA, E43Z-10346-B, E43Z-10346-B, E43Z-10346-B, E43Z-10346-D, E43Z-10346-D, E43Z-10346-D, E53F-10300-AA, E53F-10300-AA, E53F-10300-AA, E53F-10300-BA, E53F-10300-BA, E53F-10300-BA, E53F-10300-DA, E53F-10300-DA, E53F-10300-DA, E53F-10300-EA, E53F-10300-EA, E53F-10300-EA, E53F-10300-FA, E53F-10300-FA, E53F-10300-FA, E53F-10300-GA, E53F-10300-GA, E53F-10300-GA, E53F-10300-HA, E53F-10300-HA, E53F-10300-HA, E53F-10346-BA, E53F-10346-BA, E53F-10346-BA, E53F-10346-DA, E53F-10346-DA, E53F-10346-DA, E53Z-10346-A, E53Z-10346-A, E53Z-10346-A, E57F-10300-AA, E57F-10300-AA, E57F-10300-BA, E57F-10300-BA, E57F-10346-BA, E57F-10346-BA, E59F-10300-DA, E59F-10300-DA, E59F-10300-DA, E5TZ-10346-A, E5TZ-10346-A, E62F-10300-CA, E63F-10300-AB, E63F-10300-AB, E63F-10300-AB, E63F-10300-BB, E63F-10300-BB, E63F-10300-BB, E63F-10300-CB, E63F-10300-CB, E63F-10300-CB, E63F-10300-DA, E63F-10300-DA, E63F-10300-DA, E63F-10346-BA, E63F-10346-BA, E63F-10346-BA, E63Z-10346-A, E63Z-10346-A, E63Z-10346-A, E63Z-10346-B, E63Z-10346-B, E63Z-10346-B, E67F-10300-CA, E67F-10300-CA, E67F-10300-DA, E67F-10300-DA, E67F-10300-EA, E67F-10300-EA, E67F-10300-FA, E67F-10300-FA, E67F-10346-AA, E67F-10346-AA, E67F-10346-CA, E67F-10346-CA, E69F-10300-AA, E69F-10300-AA, E69F-10300-BA, E69F-10300-BA, E69F-10300-BA, E69F-10346-AA, E69F-10346-AA, E69F-10346-AA, E69F-10346-BA, E69F-10346-BA, E69F-10346-BA, E69Z-10346-A, E69Z-10346-A, E69Z-10346-A, E6AF-10300-AA, E6AF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-BA, E6DF-10300-DA, E6DF-10300-DA, E6DF-10300-DA, E6DF-10300-EA, E6DF-10300-EA, E6DF-10300-EA, E6DF-10300-EB, E6DF-10300-EB, E6DF-10300-EB, E6DF-10300-GA, E6DF-10300-GA, E6DF-10300-GA, E6DF-10346-BA, E6DF-10346-BA, E6DF-10346-BA, E6DF-10346-CA, E6DF-10346-CA, E6DF-10346-CA, E6DZ-10346-B, E6DZ-10346-B, E6DZ-10346-B, E6DZ-10346-C, E6DZ-10346-C, E6DZ-10346-C, E6EF-10300-EA, E6EF-10300-EA, E6EF-10300-EA, E6EF-10300-FA, E6EF-10300-FA, E6EF-10300-FA, E6EF-10300-GA, E6EF-10300-GA, E6EF-10300-GA, E6EF-10300-HA, E6EF-10300-HA, E6EF-10300-HA, E6EF-10300-JA, E6EF-10300-JA, E6EF-10300-JA, E6EF-10346-CA, E6EF-10346-CA, E6EF-10346-CA, E6FZ-10346-A, E6FZ-10346-A, E6FZ-10346-A, E6FZ-10346-C, E6FZ-10346-C, E6FZ-10346-C, E6SF-10300-BA, E6TF-10300-BA, E6TF-10300-CA, E6TF-10346-AA, E6TZ-10346-A, E6TZ-10346-ARM, E6TZ-10346-ARM1, E6TZ-10346-B, E6TZ-10346-B, E6TZ-10346-C, E6TZ-10346-C, E6UF-10300-AA, E6ZF-10300-CA, E6ZF-10346-BA, E6ZZ-10346-B, E72F-10300-DA, E73F-10300-BA, E73F-10300-BA, E73F-10300-BA, E73F-10300-CA, E73F-10300-CA, E73F-10300-CA, E79F-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-BA, E7AF-10300-CA, E7AF-10300-DA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7DF-10300-GA, E7EF-10300-CB, E7EF-10300-CB, E7EF-10300-CB, E7EF-10300-DB, E7EF-10300-DB, E7EF-10300-DB, E7EF-10300-EB, E7EF-10300-EB, E7EF-10300-EB, E7EF-10300-FB, E7EF-10300-FB, E7EF-10300-FB, E7EF-10300-GA, E7EF-10300-GA, E7EF-10300-GA, E7PF-10346-AA, E7PF-10346-AA, E7PF-10346-BA, E7PF-10346-BA, E7PF-10346-BA, E7PF-10346-CA, E7PF-10346-CA, E7PF-10346-DA, E7PF-10346-DA, E7PF-10346-FA, E7PF-10346-FA, E7PF-10346-FA, E7PF-10346-GA, E7PF-10346-KA, E7PF-10346-KA, E7PF-10346-KA, E7PF-10346-LA, E7PF-10346-MA, E7PF-10346-NA, E7PF-10346-NA, E7PF-10346-NA, E7PF-10346-UA, E7PF-10346-XA, E7PF-10346-XA, E7PF-10346-ZA, E7PZ-10346-C, E7PZ-10346-D, E7PZ-10346-D, E7PZ-10346-D, E7PZ-10346-DRM, E7PZ-10346-DRM, E7PZ-10346-DRM, E7PZ-10346-DRM1, E7PZ-10346-DRM1, E7PZ-10346-DRM1, E7PZ-10346-E, E7PZ-10346-F, E7PZ-10346-F, E7PZ-10346-F, E7PZ-10346-FRM, E7PZ-10346-FRM, E7PZ-10346-FRM, E7PZ-10346-G, E7PZ-10346-G, E7PZ-10346-G, E7PZ-10346-H, E7PZ-10346-H, E7PZ-10346-J, E7PZ-10346-J, E7PZ-10346-J, E7PZ-10346-K, E7PZ-10346-K, E7PZ-10346-KRM, E7PZ-10346-KRM, E7PZ-10346-KRM1, E7PZ-10346-KRM1, E7PZ-10346-L, E7PZ-10346-LRM, E7PZ-10346-LRM1, E7PZ-10346-M, E7PZ-10346-N, E7PZ-10346-N, E7PZ-10346-NRM, E7PZ-10346-NRM, E7PZ-10346-NRM1, E7PZ-10346-NRM1, E7SF-10300-FA, E7SF-10300-GA, E7SF-10300-GA, E7SF-10300-GA, E7SF-10300-HA, E7SF-10300-KA, E7SF-10300-LA, E7SF-10300-LA, E7SF-10300-LA, E7SF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-BA, E7TF-10300-BA, E7TF-10300-LA, E7TF-10300-LA, E7TF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-MA, E7TF-10300-SA, E7TF-10300-SA, E7ZF-10300-BA, E7ZF-10300-DA, E7ZF-10300-EA, E7ZF-10300-FA, E87F-10300-AA, E87F-10300-AA, E87F-10300-AA, E87F-10300-BA, E87F-10300-BA, E87F-10300-CA, E87F-10300-CA, E8EF-10300-AB, E8EF-10300-AB, E8EF-10300-AB, E8HT-10300-HA, E8HT-10300-HA, E8PF-10346-AA, E8PF-10346-CB, E8PF-10346-CB, E8PF-10346-CB, E8PF-10346-DA, E8PF-10346-DA, E8PZ-10346-A, E8PZ-10346-ARM, E8PZ-10346-ARM1, E8PZ-10346-C, E8PZ-10346-C, E8PZ-10346-CRM, E8PZ-10346-CRM, E8PZ-10346-CRM1, E8PZ-10346-CRM1, E8SF-10300-BA, E8TF-10300-BA, E8TF-10300-CA, E8TF-10300-CA, E97F-10300-AB, E97F-10300-AB, E97F-10300-BA, E97F-10300-BA, E99F-10300-AB, E99F-10300-AB, E99F-10300-BA, E99F-10300-BA, E99F-10300-BA, E9DF-10300-CA, E9DF-10346-AA, E9DZ-10346-B, E9EF-10300-AA, E9EF-10300-AA, E9EF-10300-AA, E9EF-10300-BA, E9EF-10300-BA, E9EF-10300-BA, E9PF-10300-AB, E9PF-10300-AB, E9PF-10346-AA, E9PF-10346-AA, E9PF-10346-AB, E9PF-10346-AB, E9PF-10346-BA, E9PF-10346-CB, E9PF-10346-CB, E9PU-10346-AA, E9PZ-10346-A, E9PZ-10346-A, E9PZ-10346-ARM, E9PZ-10346-ARM, E9PZ-10346-ARM, E9PZ-10346-ARM1, E9PZ-10346-ARM1, E9PZ-10346-ARM1, E9PZ-10346-B, E9PZ-10346-B, E9PZ-10346-BRM, E9PZ-10346-BRM, E9PZ-10346-BRM1, E9PZ-10346-BRM1, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-C, E9PZ-10346-CRM, E9PZ-10346-CRM1, E9PZ-10346-CRM1, E9PZ-10346-CRM1, E9PZ-10346-D, E9PZ-10346-D, E9PZ-10346-D, E9SF-10300-BA, E9SF-10300-DA, E9SZ-10346-A, E9UF-10300-BA, E9UF-10300-DA, E9UF-10300-DA, EDE57F-10300-AA, EDE57F-10300-AA, EDE57F-10300-BA, EDE57F-10300-BA, F07F-10300-AA, F07F-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AB, F07U-10300-AB, F07U-10300-AC, F07U-10300-AC, F07U-10346-AC, F07U-10346-AC, F09F-10300-AA, F09F-10300-BA, F09F-10300-BA, F0CF-10300-AA, F0CO-10300-AD, F0CU-10300-AA, F0CU-10300-AB, F0CU-10300-AC, F0CU-10300-AD, F0CU-10346-A, F0CU-10346-AC, F0CZ-10346-A, F0CZ-10346-C, F0CZ-10346-CRM, F0CZ-10346-CRM, F0DF-10300-AA, F0DF-10300-BA, F0DU-10300-AA, F0DU-10300-AB, F0DU-10300-AC, F0DU-10300-BA, F0DU-10300-BB, F0DU-10300-BC, F0DU-10346-BC, F0DU-10346-BC, F0DZ-10346-A, F0DZ-10346-B, F0DZ-10346-C, F0DZ-10346-D, F0DZ-10346-D, F0DZ-10346-DRM, F0DZ-10346-DRM, F0DZ-10346-E, F0DZ-10346-ERM, F0EU-10300-AA, F0EU-10300-AA, F0EU-10300-AA, F0PF-10346-AA, F0PF-10346-BA, F0PF-10346-BA, F0PU-10346-AD, F0PU-10346-BD, F0PU-10346-BD, F0PU-10346-CA, F0PU-10346-DA, F0PU-10346-DD, F0PU-10346-MC, F0PU-10346-NC, F0PZ-10346-A, F0PZ-10346-ARM, F0PZ-10346-ARM1, F0PZ-10346-B, F0PZ-10346-B, F0PZ-10346-BRM, F0PZ-10346-BRM, F0PZ-10346-E, F0PZ-10346-E, F0PZ-10346-F, F0PZ-10346-F, F0TU-10300-CA, F0TU-10300-CA, F0TU-10300-DA, F0TU-10300-DA, F0TU-10300-EA, F0TU-10300-FA, F0TU-10300-FA, F0TU-10300-GA, F0TU-10300-GA, F0TU-10300-HA, F0TU-10300-HA, F0VF-10300-AA, F0VU-10300-AA, F0VU-10300-AB, F0VU-10300-AC, F0VY-10346-A, F0VY-10346-B, F0VY-10346-BRM, F13U-10300-AC, F13U-10300-AD, F13Z-10346-A, F17U-10300-AA, F17U-10300-AA, F1DU-10300-AD, F1DU-10300-AE, F1DU-10346-AE, F1DZ-10346-A, F1DZ-10346-B, F1DZ-10346-BRM, F1DZ-10346-BRM2, F1HT-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AB, F1HT-10300-AB, F1HT-10300-AC, F1HT-10300-AC, F1PU-10346-AC, F1PU-10346-BE, F1PU-10346-CA, F1PU-10346-CA, F1PU-10346-DA, F1PU-10346-DA, F1SU-10300-AC, F1SU-10300-AD, F1SU-10300-BA, F1SU-10300-BA, F1SZ-10346-A, F1TZ-10346-B, F1TZ-10346-B, F1TZ-10346-C, F1TZ-10346-C, F1TZ-10346-CRM, F1TZ-10346-CRM, F1TZ-10346-CRM1, F1TZ-10346-CRM1, F1TZ-10346-CRM2, F1TZ-10346-CRM2, F1VU-10300-BB, F1VU-10300-BC, F1VU-10346-AD, F1VY-10346-A, F1VY-10346-B, F1VY-10346-BRM, F1VY-10346-BRM2, F23U-10300-CA, F23U-10300-CA, F23U-10300-DA, F23U-10300-DA, F23U-10346-AD, F23U-10346-AD, F23Z-10346-A, F23Z-10346-A, F23Z-10346-ARM, F23Z-10346-ARM, F23Z-10346-ARM2, F23Z-10346-ARM2, F29U-10300-AB, F29U-10300-AB, F2HZ-10346-B, F2HZ-10346-B, F2HZ-10346-BRM, F2HZ-10346-BRM, F2HZ-10346-BRM1, F2HZ-10346-BRM1, F2HZ-10346-BRM2, F2HZ-10346-BRM2, F2PU-10346-AF, F2PU-10346-DE, F2PU-10346-DE, F2PU-10346-ED, F2PU-10346-ED, F2PU-10346-FC, F2PU-10346-FC, F2PU-10346-GA, F2TU-10300-AF, F2TU-10346-AE, F2UU-10300-BE, F2UU-10300-BE, F2UU-10300-CD, F2UU-10300-CD, F2UU-10300-DC, F2UU-10300-DC, F2UU-10300-EA, F2UU-10300-FA, F2UU-10300-FA, F2UU-10346-BE, F2UU-10346-BE, F2UU-10346-CD, F2UU-10346-CD, F2UU-10346-DA, F2UZ-10346-B, F2UZ-10346-B, F2UZ-10346-BRM, F2UZ-10346-BRM, F2UZ-10346-BRM, F2UZ-10346-C, F2UZ-10346-CRM1, F2UZ-10346-CRM2, F37U-10300-AA, F3AU-10300-AC, F3AU-10300-AC, F3AU-10300-BA, F3AU-10300-BA, F3AU-10346-AC, F3AU-10346-AC, F3AZ-10346-A, F3AZ-10346-A, F3AZ-10346-A, F3AZ-10346-ARM, F3AZ-10346-ARM, F3AZ-10346-ARM1, F3AZ-10346-ARM1, F3CU-10300-AD, F3DU-10300-BB, F3DU-10300-BB, F3DZ-10346-B, F3DZ-10346-B, F3DZ-10346-BRM, F3DZ-10346-BRM, F3HT-10300-GB, F3HT-10300-GB, F3HT-10300-LA, F3HT-10300-LA, F3HZ-10346-B, F3HZ-10346-B, F3PU-10346-AC, F3PU-10346-AC, F3PU-10346-BA, F3PU-10346-BA, F3PU-10346-CA, F3PU-10346-CA, F3SU-10300-AA, F3SZ-10346-A, F3SZ-10346-ARM, F3UU-10300-AE, F3UU-10300-AF, F3UZ-10346-A, F3UZ-10346-ARM, F3UZ-10346-ARM1, F3UZ-10346-ARM2, F3VU-10300-AA, F4DU-10300-AA, F4DU-10300-AD, F4DU-10300-AD, F4DU-10300-BA, F4DU-10300-BA, F4DU-10300-CA, F4DU-10300-DA, F4DU-10300-DA, F4OU-10300-CA, F4PU-10300-CA, F4PU-10346-BA, F4PU-10346-BA, F4PU-10346-CA, F4PU-10346-DA, F4PU-10346-DA, F4PZ-10346-B, F4PZ-10346-B, F4PZ-10346-BRM, F4PZ-10346-BRM, F4PZ-10346-BRM1, F4PZ-10346-BRM1, F4PZ-10346-BRM2, F4PZ-10346-BRM2, F4PZ-10346-C, F4PZ-10346-CRM, F4PZ-10346-D, F4PZ-10346-D, F4PZ-10346-DRM, F4PZ-10346-DRM, F4SU-10300-AB, F4SU-10300-AB, F4ZU-10300-DA, F4ZU-10300-DA, F57U-10300-AA, F57U-10300-AA, F57U-10300-BA, F57U-10300-BA, F58U-10300-AA, F58U-10300-AB, F58Z-10346-A, F58Z-10346-AARM1, F58Z-10346-AARM1, F58Z-10346-ARM, F58Z-10346-ARM4, F5HT-10300-AA, F5HT-10300-AA, F5HT-10300-BA, F5HT-10300-CA, F5HT-10300-CA, F5HT-10300-DA, F5HZ-10346-D, F5HZ-10346-D, F5HZ-10346-E, F5PU-10300-GA, F5PU-10346-CA, F5PU-10346-EA, F5PZ-10346-GA, F5UU-10300-AA, F5UU-10300-BA, F5UU-10300-CA, F5UZ-10346-A, F5UZ-10346-CA, F5UZ-10346-CARM, F65U-10300-BB, F65U-10300-BB, F65U-10300-EA, F67U-10300-AA, F67U-10300-AA, F67U-10300-BA, F67U-10300-BA, F69U-10300-AA, F69U-10300-AA, F6AU-10300-AA, F6AU-10300-AA, F6AU-10300-AB, F6AU-10300-AB, F6AZ-10346-AA, F6AZ-10346-AA, F6AZ-10346-AARM, F6AZ-10346-AARM, F6AZ-10346-AARM1, F6AZ-10346-AARM1, F6AZ-10346-AARM2, F6AZ-10346-AARM2, F6DU-10300-FA, F6DU-10300-FA, F6HT-10300-KA, F6HT-10300-LA, F6HT-10300-MA, F6HU-10300-AA, F6PU-10300-BA, F6PU-10300-BA, F6PU-10300-TA, F6PU-10300-TA, F6PU-10300-UA, F6PU-10346-AA, F6PU-10346-AA, F6PU-10346-AAE, F6PU-10346-AAE, F6PU-10346-AF, F6PU-10346-BA, F6PU-10346-BA, F6PU-10346-EB, F6PU-10346-EB, F6PU-10346-KA, F6PU-10346-KA, F6PU-10346-SA, F6PU-10346-TA, F6PU-10346-UA, F6PU-10346-VA, F6PU-10346-XA, F6PU-10346-XA, F6PU-AF, F6PU-SA, F6PZ-10346-AE, F6PZ-10346-AE, F6PZ-10346-AERM, F6PZ-10346-AERM, F6PZ-10346-AERM1, F6PZ-10346-AERM1, F6PZ-10346-AERM2, F6PZ-10346-AERM2, F6PZ-10346-AERM3, 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We will make every effort to ship the same business day if you complete your purchase by 2:00PM Central Time. All others will ship the next business day.  To Prevent delays or cancellations in orders, please use a verified Paypal Account and/or please ship to the verified address credt card bank has on file matching where you want shipping.  We reserve the right to cancel any order with fraud triggers.  International orders should pay with verified paypal payment to avoid delays or cancelations.  Special Order items may require more time to ship.  THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN SHIPPING DURING THIS PANDEMIC. WE ARE SHIPPING ORDERS BUT DELAYS ARE POSSIBLE WITH CARRIERS  We currently ship worldwide via USPS.  There is no international service that is reasonable and fast.   Shipping with a reasonable price service like USPS then the delivery time can be 10 to 40 days which is difficult to answer delivery times and shipping with a more reliable service the cost is too much for most parts and too much liability if there is an unexpected issue.  All international shipments are thoroughly inspected to assure perfect product fulfillment. The buyer is responsible for all duties and taxes charged by the Country of delivery. 
All shipping fees on orders outside of the 48 continental United States are the responsibility of the customer.
We combine shipping to save on your shipping cost if you purchase multiple items from us.

International / and Outside Continental U.S 48 States  We restrict international orders United States Postal flat rate package sizes (what can fit in boxes up to 10" square or 26cm square) and use only United States Postal System for delivery (USPS). USPS estimates 6-10 business days for package arrival to destination country. There it clears through customs and transfers to the jurisdiction of receiving countries Post for delivery. There are no guarantees on delivery time for International orders. If your part is urgent you must consider other options. Delays due to shipping companies can take 30-60 days to investigate for remedy/refund on international orders. Customs duties/ taxes charged to you, by your country are not added to our checkout process; so there may be additional charges applied by your country at delivery.  We can not reship or refund lost orders until completion of the investigation.  Please consider your urgency before ordering for international delivery.  

Returns & Warranty-Replacements

Unless otherwise specified in the item listing on our website, on the receipt or packing slip, or in the following terms, will accept qualified and conforming products for replacement for the period of 1 (one) year. An order may be refunded only within 30 days of the original purchase date. All shipping charges are non-refundable. Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to:

All returned products will be inspected and a determination will be made if eligibility and conforming requirements are met. Products must be in ‘Like New’ condition and free from damage of any type, including, but not limited to dents, scratches, cracks, abuse, defacement or indication of removed screws/fasteners or seals.

In the event that the product you are returning does NOT meet the requirements described in this document, we will:
1) Photograph the merchandise and packaging, and prepare a detailed summary of our determination as to why the return was denied
2) The product(s) deemed ineligible for return will be returned to you.

If, at our sole discretion, decides to accept a non-qualified item for return, a restocking fee of up to 25% will be assessed.
Return processing may take up to 5 business days from the time your product is receivedl.
When returning an item, the following will apply:
All shipping fees on orders outside of the 48 continental United States are the responsibility of the customer. shall not be held liable for packages lost in transit.

If order is less than 60 days old, the customer must contact by email or phone and request a return label by email or by mail. The customer may use this label to return the item to free of charge. After the item is received for processing, will send out a replacement unit. If the order is within 14 days of purchase date, the customer may elect to have a refund issued instead. All shipping charges are non-refundable. Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to: If an immediate replacement is required before processing can occur, the customer can purchase a second unit from to be shipped to the customer at once. This shipping charge will be shipped at expense. After receives the returned unit, will issue a refund for the second purchase. Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to:

If the order is more than 60 days old, the customer must contact by email or phone to obtain a RMA number to send the item back to for replacement. After the item is received by for processing, will send out a replacement unit. Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to:  If an immediate replacement is required before processing can occur, the customer can purchase a second unit from Alternatorbrush.coml to be shipped to the customer at once. This shipping charge will be shipped expense. After receives the returned unit, will issue a refund for the second purchase. Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to: 

Labor Fees

Labor fees are not covered under our warranty program.


All of our products are covered by our one year warranty from date of purchase. If you have a problem, we will take every step to assist you.To Contact Us About Your Return Send Email with your name, invoice number, and details about the return to: . We will answer your email as soon as possible, usually the same day.