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Alternator Kit Regulator brushes Bearings, Fusion 3.5L 2010-2012 Edge 3.5L 2007-2014 Taurus 3.5L 2008-2010 MKS 3.7L 2010 MKZ 3.5L 2007-2012 MKX 3.5L 2007-2010 Sable 3.5L 2008-2009

Alternator Repair Kit for 3.5L Models, 2010-12 Fusion, 2007-14 Edge, 2007-12 MKZ, 2008-10 Taurus, Regulator, Brushes, Bearings

  • $39.00

Alternator Kit; Voltage Regulator with Brushes, Bearing Kit

  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes***; LI-RC-AS Terminals, 14.0 Voltage set point, Replacing Mitsubishi 529, A866T52970 
  • 54700 Bearing 17x47x14mm
  • 52312 Bearing 8x23x14mm 

Verify Compatibility from the Interchange TAB. These Models could have options for the Alternator and must match up to the Mitsubishi or Ford Unit # number. Thank You

Ford Fusion V6 3.5L 2010-2012
Ford Edge V6 3.5L 2007-2014
Ford Taurus V6 3.5L 2008-2010
Lincoln MKS V6 3.7L 2010
Lincoln MKZ V6 3.5L 2007-2012
Lincoln MKX V6 3.5L 2007-2010
Mercury Sable V6 3.5L 2008-2009

NON-American Market vehicles use 'unit #s' section to verify Component fitment. Thank You

Ford 7T4T-10300-AD, 7T4T-10300-AE, 7T4Z-10346-A, 8G1T-10300-AC, 8G1Z-10346-A, 7T4T10300AD, 7T4T10300AE, 7T4Z10346A, 8G1T10300AC, 8G1Z10346A,
Ford Engineering 7T4T-AD, 7T4T-AE, 8G1T-AC,
Mitsubishi A003TJ1291, A003TJ1291ZC, A003TJ2891, A003TJ2891CZ, A3TJ1291, A3TJ1291ZC, A3TJ2891,

Other 11273


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