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Alternator Harness Plug Lead, Repair Pigtail, 3 Wires, Voltage Regulator Plug for Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Valeo

Alternator Regulator Harness Plug Lead, Repair 'Pigtail', 3 Wires, Regulator Plug Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Valeo Alternator Applications on Audi, Infiniti, Nissan, Subaru - 9801325

  • $12.88

                 Application for Vehicle Fitment

Alternator Regulator Harness Plug Lead, Repair 'Pigtail', 3 Wires, Regulator Plug Location Used: Alternator Voltage Regulator / Plug Code 325
Length: 6.693in / 170mm
Number of Wires: 3
Application (See Application TAB): Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Valeo Alternator Applications on Audi, Infiniti, Nissan, Subaru

Audi Car
2013-2016 A8 Quattro V8 4.0L
2014-2016 RS7 V8 4.0L
2013-2016 S6 V8 4.0L
2013-2016 S7 V8 4.0L
2013-2016 S8 V8 4.0L
Infiniti Car
2011-2012 G25 V6 2.5L
2007-2008 G35 V6 3.5L
2008-2013 G37 V6 3.7L
2006-2010 M35 V6 3.5L
2011-2013 M37 V6 3.7L
2015 Q40 V6 3.7L
2014-2015 Q50 V6 3.7L
2014-2015 Q60 V6 3.7L
2014-2016 Q70 V6 3.7L
2015-2016 Q70L V6 3.7L
Infiniti Truck
2008-2011 EX35 V6 3.5L
2013 EX37 V6 3.7L
2009-2011 FX35 V6 3.5L
2013 FX37 V6 3.7L
2014-2016 QX50 V6 3.7L
2007-2010 QX56 V8 5.6L
2014-2016 QX70 V6 3.7L
Nissan Car
2007-2009 350Z V6 3.5L
2009-2016 370Z V6 3.7L
2007-2016 Altima L4 2.5L
2007-2016 Altima V6 3.5L
2009-2016 Maxima V6 3.5L
2013-2016 Sentra L4 1.8L
2007-2012 Sentra L4 2.5L
2012-2016 Versa L4 1.6L
2014-2016 Versa Note L4 1.6L
Nissan Truck
2007-2015 Armada V8 5.6L
2005-2018 Frontier L4 2.5L
2005-2018 Frontier V6 4.0L
2009-2014 Murano V6 3.5L
2005-2012 Pathfinder V6 4.0L
2008-2012 Pathfinder V8 5.6L
2011-2013 Rogue L4 2.5L 2011-2013
2014-2015 Rogue Select L4 2.5L 2014-2015
2007-2015 Titan V8 5.6L
2005-2015 Xterra V6 4.0L
Nissan Van
2012-2016 NV1500 V6 4.0L
2012-2016 NV2500 V6 4.0L
2012-2016 NV2500 V8 5.6L
2013-2016 NV3500 V6 4.0L
2012-2016 NV3500 V8 5.6L
2011-2016 Quest V6 3.5L
Saab Car
2006 9-2X H4 2.5L wo/Turbo; EJ253
2006 9-2X H4 2.5L w/Turbo; EJ255
Subaru Car
2004-2008 Impreza H4 2.5L EJ253; EJ255; EJ257
2009-2010 Impreza H4 2.5L w/Turbo
2009-2010 Impreza H4 2.5L wo/Turbo
2011-2014 Impreza H4 2.5L
2012-2014 Impreza H4 2.0L
2005 Legacy H4 2.5L w/Turbo
2008-2009 Legacy H6 3.0L
2010-2014 Legacy H6 3.6L
2006-2010 Forester H4 2.5L wo/Turbo
2006-2010 Forester H4 2.5L w/Turbo
2011-2015 Forester H4 2.5L
2014-2015 Forester H4 2.0L
2005 Outback H4 2.5L w/Turbo
2001-2009 Outback H6 3.0L
2010-2014 Outback H6 3.6L
2015 WRX STI H4 2.5L
2013-2014 XV Crosstrek H4 2.0L
Subaru Truck
2006-2007 B9 Tribeca H6 3.0L
2008-2014 Tribeca H6 3.6L
Suzuki Truck
2009-2012 Equator V6 4.0L


Original Equipment Manufacturer & Factory #s that the repair plug will fit

Hitachi LR1110-725, LR1110-725B, LR1110-725BR, ALR0018, LR1130-703, LR1130-703A, LR1130-703B, LR1130-703BR, ALR0022, LR1190-950E

Mitsubishi A002TG0391, A2TG0391, A002TB3091, A2TB3091, A002TB5391, A2TB5391, A003TG0591, A3TG0591, A003TG0491, A3TG0491, A003TG4291, A3TG4291, A003TJ1791B, A3TJ1791, A3TJ1791A, A3TJ1791B, A003TJ1991B, A3TJ1991B, A002TJ1791, A2TJ1791, A2TL0291, A2TL0291A003TJ0691, A3TJ0691, A003TJ1991, A003TJ1991A, A3TJ1991, A3TJ1991A, A003TJ1791, A003TJ1791ZC, A3TJ1791, A3TJ1791ZC, A003TJ1791, A003TJ1791A, A, A2TL0291A, A002TJ1881, A002TJ1881ZC, A002TJ1891, A2TJ1891, A2TJ1891ZC, A2TJ1881, A2TJ1881ZC, A002TX3381, A002TX3381A, A2TX3381, A2TX3381A, A003TB1891, A3TB1891, A003TJ0781, A3TJ0781, A003TJ2091, A3TJ2091, A003TJ3591, A3TJ3591, A3TJ3591B, A003TG6591B, A3TG6591B, A002TL0091A, A2TL0091A, A003TG6591A, A3TG6591A, A002TL0091, A002TL0091A, A2TL0091, A2TL0091A, A003TG6591, A003TG6591A, A3TG6591, A3TG6591A, A003TJ3691, A003TJ3691ZC, A3TJ3691, A3TJ3691ZC

Valeo 2650538, TG15C113, TG15S147, TG15S179, 2606353A, 2650538A, 2616465A, TG15S192, TG12C116, 849054, 2650364, TG12C032, TG12S217, 849054, 2650364A, 2650364B, 2609555A, TG11S092, 849054, 2609555, 2611855B, FG12T039, TG11S110

Audi, Volkswagen 079-903-015P, 079-903-015PX
Mercedes-Benz A2751500050
Mitsubishi Motors MD194470
Nissan, Infiniti 23100-1AA1A, 23100-1AA1B, 23100-3BE1A, 23100-3BE1AR, 23100-3FY1A, 23100-3SH2B, 23100-3TA1A, 23100-3TA1B, 23100-3TA1BRE, 23100-EA200, 23100-EA201, 23100-EA20A, 23100-EA20AR, 23100-EA20B, 23100-EA20BR, 23100-EB315, 23100-EB31B, 23100-EG010, 23100-JA02A, 23100-JA02B, 23100-JA02C, 23100-JA04A, 23100-JA04C, 23100-JA11A, 23100-JA11AR, 23100-JK01A, 23100-JK01A, 23100-ZH00A, 23100-ZH00B, 23100-ZH00C, 23100-ZH00D, 2310M3TA1BRW, 23100-JA04D, 23100-JA11B, 23100-JA11BRE
Saab 32-01-0646, 32-01-0647
Subaru 23700-AA380, 23700-AA401, 23700-AA420, 23700-AA510, 23700-AA520, 23700-AA521, 23700-AA540, 23700-AA541, 23700-AA570, 23700-AA720, 23700-AA721, 23700-AA760, 23700-AA761, 23700-AA830, 23700-AA580, 23700-AA620, 23700-AA621, 23700-AA870, 23700-AA871, 23700-AA701, 23700-AA681, 23700-AA700, 23700-AA680
Suzuki 31400-82Z10, 31400-82Z20

Other 11058, 11058, 11058, 11121, 11165, 11225, 11226, 11226, 11256, 11256, 11256, 11258, 11258, 11315, 11340, 11340, 11341, 11341, 11437, 11416, 11438, 11458, 11547, 11557, 11567, 11579, 11613, 11631, 11657, 11673, 11683, 11849, 11998, 13888, 23918


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