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Alternator Bearings Brushes Regulator Kit for 2004-2006 Lexus ES330 RX330, 2004-2006 Camry V6, 2004-2008 Solara V6, 2004-2007 Highlander

Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2004-2006 Lexus ES330 RX330, 2004-2006 Camry V6, 2004-2008 Solara V6, 2004-2007 Highlander - 11033RK

  • $39.99

Alternator Rebuild Kit Voltage Regulator, Brushes, Bearings

  • Voltage Regulator B-Circuit, IG-S-L-M(FR) Terminals, 14.1 Voltage set point, Replacing Denso 126600-3010, 126600-3040, 126600-3360, 126600-3361, 126600-3390, 126600-3391, 126600-4340, 3040, GS2M3361, Original Reference Number GS2M3010, GS2M3040, GS3M3390, Toyota 27700-20090, 27700-20100 Other: IN6301, 80904446, 80904476, 80904452, 80904593, 230-52164, 230-52113, T7301
  • NTN Bearing 54700 17x47x14mm Ref# 6303-2RS, 949100-1010, 949100-2820
  • WBD Bearing 53514 15x35x13mm Ref# 279, 949100-2790, 949100-3980, 949100-4440
  • Brush Holder Assembly Ref# 021620-3020, -3030, -3040
  • 7390901 X 2 Brushes 5mm T x 7mm W x 15mm L x 48mm LL


Lexus ES330 V6 3.3L 2004-2006
Lexus RX330 V6 3.3L 2004-2006
Toyota Camry V6 3.3L 2004-2006
Toyota Solara V6 3.3L 2004-2008
Toyota Highlander V6 3.3L 2004-2007

Unit's Original Equipment #s
Denso 104210-3620, 104210-3790, 104210-4180, 104210-4190, 9664219-362, 9664219-379, Lexus 27060-0A120, 27060-0A120-84, 27060-20270, 27060-20270-84, 2706020210, Toyota 27060-0A120, 27060-0A120-84, 27060-0A140, 27060-0A140-84, 27060-20270, 27060-20270-84, 27060-20310, 27060-20310-84
Other 11033


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  • Hello, I have a 2004 Toyota Camry LE with a 3.0 V6 engine. Question(s): Does this kit have two bearings for my alternator, or only one that goes in the front (closer to the serpentine belt)? Are are of these parts Denso (OEM supplier)? The original alternator was rated at 100AMPS. Will this kit maintain that rating? Thank you,

    Hi. Thank you for the questions!

    This kit includes both alternator bearings. The bearings are NTN and WBD brand. The Voltage Regulator is Transpo brand. The voltage regulator function is to keep voltage stable within specs. These are common wear items of the alternator.

    Amperage and AC voltage output capabilities comes from the stationary and rotating windings and DC rectified through the diode plate. These are more common to be reclaimed parts but can also be cause of failure. The parts in this kit do not include the parts that would create your amperage capabilities.