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Alternator Voltage Regulator Rectifier Diodes Bearings Brushes 97-01 Q45

Alternator Rebuild Kit; Voltage Regulator, Rectifier, Diodes, Bearings, Brushes for 1997-2001 Q45 (w/ Hitachi LR1125-707) - 13712RK

  • $64.00


Alternator Rebuild Kit for Hitachi LR1110-707, C, E, F, G, J
Notes / Dimensions / Contents :

  • Voltage Regulator Replacing GD213394-B, L1100G-3340, L1100G-9340, L1110G-9340, L1125G-1340, 23215-31U02, 23215-31U05, 23215-31U06
  • Rectifier Bridge with Diodes Replacing GD213418K, L1110G-4320, L1125G-2320, L1125G-7320, 23230-31U01, 23230-31U08, 23230-31U09, 23230-40U00 
  • Bearing 54700 17 X 47 X 14mm
  • Bearing 52710A 10 X 27 X 11mm
  • Brushes 73042412 X 2 5mm T x 8mm W x 26mm L x 70mm LL


 1997-2001 Infiniti Q45 V8 4.1L

 Unit Numbers

Hitachi LR1110-707, LR1110-707C, LR1110-707E, LR1110-707ER, LR1110-707F, LR1110-707G, LR1110-707J,

Nissan, Infiniti 23100-3H000, 23100-6P000, 23100-6P005, 23100-6P005R

Other 400-44038 AL2379X 210-3104 90-25-1130 90-25-1131 12007 AHI0042 13712 13712R 13712N 13934 13934R 13934N  



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