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Alternator Kit; Regulator, Bearings, Brushes for 1998-2000 BMW 528i 120 Amp Bosch Style 0123515022

Alternator Kit; Regulator, Bearings, Brushes for 1998-2000 BMW 528i 120 Amp Bosch Style 0123515022

  • $39.99


Alternator Repair / Rebuild Kit With
Voltage Regulator, Bearings & Brushes.

  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes 12 Volt, A-Circuit, FR-L-IG Terminals, 14.4 Voltage set point, 12 second LRC Replacing BMW 12-31-1-432-964, 12-31-1-702-927, 12-31-1-713-491, Bosch 1197311506, 1197311516, 1197311536, 1197311545, 1197311557, Other IB545, 30-24079, VRB238
  • Bearing 55224 17x52x17mm ref 10-3043-4W, 1120905525
  • Bearing 54000 17x40x12mm ref 6-203-4N, 1120905525
  • Bearing Tolerance Cap 40.3x42.8x16.6mm W ref 46-91552, 5652, 1120591103


Any of these models with 120 Amp original Bosch
323Ci L6 2.5L 2000
323i L6 2.5L 2000
328Ci L6 2.8L 2000
328i L6 2.8L 2000
528i L6 2.8L 1998-2000

These models could have Valeo alternator from the factory and that Kit is item # 13846RK. If your alternator has been replaced with the later compatible 515 Bosch alternator, then the kit should be item # 13882RK with different internal components for repair

BMW 12-31-1-432-980, 12-31-1-432-986 Bosch 0123515022

Other: 13774


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  • I am using this kit for a 2000 BMW 328i the alternator is Bosch 0123515022. You are showing 17x40x12 bearing everyone else including Bosch has it listed as 17x40x17 Whats up with that? The other bearing is 17x52x17, thats ok. Also is the plastic ring needed for this rebuild? Who makes the bearings and brush holder? THanks Jimmy D

    Hi! 17x40x17 is a very strange size that others are listing as you said. That bearing is seen on a few starters. Maybe if you provide link to an item I can check what is up with that. I do not have any answers until I can check why they would include that

    Have you checked your bearings?

    The next year Bosch used 0124515050 with the massively more common 17x47x14.. AND 0124515050 is a common replacement for 0123515022 since it is fully interchangeable as a complete unit, BUT does have a few internal component differences.

    The Tolerance ring is included in our kit and I am updating the Picture and description now. The Plastic can be very brittle from oil leak and heat and will need replacement. Our Bearings are NTN and WBD in this Kit and Regulator is Transpo

    Thank You!!