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Voltage Regulator Brushes Bearings Acura TL CL

Alternator Rebuild Kit 1999-2003 Acura TL 3.2L, 2001-2003 Acura CL 3.2L Voltage Regulator, Brushes, Bearings

  • $46.08

Alternator Rebuild Kit

  • Voltage Regulator C-FR-IG-L Terminals, 14.5 Voltage Set Point; ref#Denso 126000-2090, 126000-2160, 126000-2470, 126000-2610, 126000-3030, Honda 31150-P2T-003, 31150-P2T-0030, 31150-PEA-A01, 31150-PV4-0030, Marelli 940038097 Other IN445, 8090-4424, 80904424, 230-52089, MFVR02120, VRH2005-40, AND6073
  • WBD Bearing 15x35x13mm ref# 6202-D2RS, 10-2021-4W - 53514
  • WBD Bearing 17x52x16mm Ref# 333-2RS, 10-3042-4W - 55222
  • Brush Holder Assembly with spare Brushes Ref# 021620-2530, 021620-2720

Verify Compatibility from the Interchange TAB. These Models could have options for the Alternator and must match up to the Nissan Infiniti or Hitachi # number. Thank You

Acura CL V6 3.2L 2001-2003 
Acura TL V6 3.2L 1999-2003 

NON-American Market vehicles use 'unit #s' section to verify Component fitment. Thank You

Acura 31100P8EA21, 31100P8EA22, 06311-P8E-A21RM, 06311-PGE-506RM, 31100-P8E-A01, 31100-P8E-A01RM, 31100-P8E-A02, 31100-P8E-A21, 31100-P8E-A21RM, 31100-P8E-A22, 31100-P8E-A22RM, CJV33, CLG68, CLH08, Denso 1022110680, 1022110681, 102211-0680, 102211-0681, 102211-1330, 102211-1331, 102211-3080, Honda 06311-P8E-A21RM, 06311-PGE-506RM, 31100-P8E-A020, 31100-P8E-A21, 31100-P8E-A21RM, 31100-P8E-A22, 31100-P8E-A22RM, CLG68

Other: 13835 13103 13103RK


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