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Alternator Regulator Bearings Brushes for 04-06 Outlander, Lancer 2.4L

Altenator Rebuilt Kit; Voltage Regulator, Bearings, Brushes for 2004-2006 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L, Lancer 2.4L (w/ Mitsubishi # A003TG1192, A3TG3491) - 11055RK

  • $39.00

Alternator Repair Rebuild Kit
Notes / Specification / Contents :

  • **Voltage Regulator with Brushes replaces # Mitsubishi A866X34172, Mitsubishi Motors MD619268
  • 54700 Bearing 17 X 47 X 14mm 
  • 52312 Bearing 8 X 23 X 14mm

**Stator Activated, 24mm ID Brush Slip Ring Cover, A-Circuit, C(G)-S-L-FR Terminals, 14.5 Voltage set point, Aftermarket #s include IM341, MFVR02880, VRH2009-70, VRH2009-70A, AMT6084, 230-48115


Repair Kit works for 110 Amp Mitsubishi Alternator seen on these Models
2004 Mitsubishi Outlander L4 2.4L (from 06/2003)
2005-2006 Mitsubishi Outlander L4 2.4L
2004-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer L4 2.4L

This Kit includes common fail items for an alternator, but please verify the fault in your alternator before purchase of kit. No returns for kit items, only exchanges for kit items within the 1 year warranty. Thank You!

OEM Unit Numbers A3TG3491, A003TG1192, 1800A064, A3TG1192, MN183450, Other: 11055 11055R 11055N


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